Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CSFF Blog tour: Vanish by Tom Pawlik

There was a lawyer, a mechanic and an ex-model, stranded on a deserted planet. The mechanic says to the lawyer, 'What is this, some kind of a joke?'

Actually, on the face of it that might not be such an unusual first reaction to Vanish... three people wake up one morning to find the world inexplicably depopulated, and suffer nightmarish flashbacks to certain 'end-times thrillers' which are in no need of further publicity.

As they struggle to survive in this strange new world, they find themselves taunted by unseen observers, grappling with the least pleasant aspects of their pasts, and... hang on, this is that Christian version of Lost that's been lurking in my desk drawer for years, isn't it? I really should get my unfinished projects edited and unleashed more quickly shouldn't I...

So, Vanish: is it as derivative as it has the potential to be, or does it take a new and original twist to the stranded strangers struggling against the elements premise? Well, as I mentioned I'm still in last week, which is my excuse for not having finished the book yet... you'll have to ask these people:

Brandon Barr Jim Black Keanan Brand Rachel Briard Grace Bridges Valerie Comer Amy Cruson CSFF Blog Tour Stacey Dale D. G. D. Davidson Jeff Draper April Erwin Karina Fabian Alex Field Beth Goddard Todd Michael Greene Ryan Heart Timothy Hicks Christopher Hopper Joleen Howell Becky Jesse Cris Jesse Jason Joyner Kait Carol Keen Krystine Kercher Dawn King Terri Main Margaret Melissa Meeks Rebecca LuElla Miller Caleb Newell Eve Nielsen Nissa John W. Otte John Ottinger Epic Rat Steve Rice Crista Richey Hanna Sandvig Chawna Schroeder James Somers Robert Treskillard Rachel Starr Thomson Steve Trower Speculative Faith Fred Warren Phyllis Wheeler Jill Williamson


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Nice guess, but no this isn't a Christian version of Lost.

Still, get those old manuscripts dusted off. Who knows, there might be a market for that story! ;-)


Steve said...

Not so derivative, actually. Still, I have bee asked to do a spoof of it, and I may oblige off-tour...