Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CSFF Blog Tour: Starlighter by Bryan Davis

It is an important and popular fact that I once scored a B in English class for a report on a book I never read. I won't divulge what that book was, in case I am chased down by an angry mob and forcibly removed from the blog tour for my flagrant disrespect for literature, but in order to redress the balance somewhat I am deliberately not reviewing Starlighter by Bryan Davis, which I also haven't read.

What I have read, however, is one or two of the other posts on the tour. See, I'm not a total slacker! And to prove it, here are my personal tour highlights:

Leighton's review in two parts;
Snuffles the Dragon's completely unbiased review;
John W. Otte's geek dad post;
Krystine Kercher enthusing about black dragon's eggs;
an interview by Rachel Starr Thomson;
not to mention the handy list of other links gathered in one place, namely the Galactic Overlord's Blog.
You could also stop by the author's blog, just to see what else is on his mind.

And when you're done, Starlighter will no doubt be available at your favourite purveyor of young adult fantasy fiction.

Those of you still wishing to follow the extended tour, please form an orderly queue and step this way:
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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Whoo-hoo! Three posts for Steve! Now this was a special tour. :-D


UKSteve said...

Second time in a row as well... I need to pace myself!