Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Kathy Tyers Blog Tour Continues

Several of the blogs on the tour have useful links to Kathy Tyers' website. None of which I can get to work (it's a conspiracy I tell ya!). I'm sure it's quite good though.

Elsewhere Mir has taken a look at some of Ms Tyers' other writings; Karen Hancock gets a hint as to what she's up to now; and Becky Miller takes the opportunity to compare and contract fantasy and science fiction.

And there's more reviews, interviews, opinions and snippets from these fine folks too:
Jim Black John J. Boyer Valerie Comer Bryan Davis Beth Goddard Rebecca Grabill Leathel Grody Karen Hancock Elliot Hanowski Katie Hart Sherrie Hibbs Sharon Hinck Pamela James Jason Joyner Tina Kulesa Rachel Marks Shannon McNear Rebecca LuElla Miller Cheryl Russel Mirtika Schultz Stuart Stockton Speculative Faith


Mirtika said...

Thanks for being a tourmate, Steve-o.

I hope you didn't take offense at my liberties with British terms and history. :D

Me love da Brits.


UKSteve said...

You wouldn't get us Brits mocking the Americans like that, no way.

*lie mode cancel*

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Hahah--nothing like a little light banter.

But how sad that you can't open Tyers's web site. That's one that DOESN'T give me trouble. There are a couple of our tour participants that I can't go read. Big drag. (Hope that's not slang for something smarmy in the UK!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

I feel your pain. Living in another country isn't quite as smooth and easy as I expected -- all kinds of surprises, electronic and otherwise. I hope the website will open for you one day. Hang in there, and thanks for mentioning the tour.


Elliot said...

I guess Canada IS 'another country.' Huh! :-)

(The Token Canadian)